Fashion Doll

This photographic work tells the world of Fashion Dolls. The Fashion Dolls are dolls designed primarily to be dressed to reflect fashion trends. They are built both as toys for girls as collector's pieces for adults. Dolls are generally modeled on forms of teenage girls or adult women, though there are variants on forms of child and even non-human dolls. They are generally made in vinyl or other plastic materials. The first Fashion Dolls were the french doll called “Biscuits” from the mid-nineteenth century. The Barbie doll was marketed by Mattel in 1959 and is currently the most famous fashion doll. It has also set standards for any doll fashion created later. One of the features of fashion doll is to be "unique pieces". In this field they are called OOAK which literally means "One of A Kind" which means that the piece is unique and will never be reproduced again. The Barbie that are called OOAK are "customized" with hand-made clothes, their hairs are eliminated and replaced and the make up is completely erased and hand-painted. In Italy the phenomenon of Fashion Doll is very recent and is growing steadily. It was imported by the USA for the will and desire of some enthusiasts collector and atists who wanted to try this hobby. Creating OOAK allows many artists and fashion designers to realize the stylistic dreams that is not possible to apply on people, while the dolls can become the perfect model for the most extravagant ideas or the most elegant creations.