Route 1

These pictures were taken during a 12 days road trip along the Route 1, the main highway that runs through Iceland for 1300 km and that only since 1974 connects all its regions. Iceland is a place with a population of only 320,000 and more than a third of Icelanders live in the capital Reykjavik which is the only large center. The campaigns are increasingly subject to a phenomenon of depopulation and very few centers outside the capital can be called “towns”. The nature in Iceland affects relationships and social exchanges: the climate does’t make all parts of the island fully accessible throughout the year and volcanic phenomena often disrupt the villages. So, I wanted to visually describe the feeling of isolation that I felt in these places, where the lack of infrastructure and the inability of many young people to adapt to the culture of these remote places have given way to the USA culture very often. From lifestyle to the popularity of American TV series, from the urban plans of the city to the huge spread of junk food around the island.