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Wedding Reportage

I like to tell the story of the wedding in a natural but elegant way; I like to take pictures of the day as it unfolds in all its aspects, without poses, tips and interruptions. I like to “disappear”, making my presence discrete in order to capture the moments in their spontaneity, without excessive interference and without asking to bride, groom and guests only forced poses. The wedding day is unique and unrepeatable, it has to be spent with friends and relatives, not with the photographer! This approach can capture more authentically the expressions and the feelings behind them; it comes a genre of photography that will always recall with great intensity the memories of this very special day.

Outdoor and Home Portraits


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For those who are looking for a lasting memory of their own and family’s history and also for professionals who work with their image.


Entertainment Photography


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I can photograph every entertainment event: parties, concerts, theatre performances, fashion shows, award ceremonies, premieres and events with important guests.

Corporate Photography

Corporate video and photo shoots for businesses, industries, cooperatives and NGOs. An effective communication through the images is with no doubt a very strong point for businesses. Photography allows companies to communicate their messages to clients in a stronger and faster way: from the self-image, through the photos of machinery, departments and staff, passing through the marketing, shooting the products, until different kinds of documentation, through the photos of manufacturing and production, company events, meetings etc.

Interior Photography


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I take pictures of the interiors of apartments, villas and residence in downtown or in the green areas. Photography of rooms in houses and  places of hospitality: resorts, hotels, restaurants and shops. I collaborate with several estate agencies.